Powell Seeds LLC is a four generation family business that has continually strived to bring their customers the best seed at a reasonable price since 1937

We thank our customers for the opportunity to serve them and we aim to continue into the future

Company History:
Picture of OC & Sons sign with kids

Orange (O.C.) Powell formed the O.C. Powell and Sons Seed Company in 1937 to produce hybrid seed corn for sale. Open pollinated varieties had been used by farmers up until this era and hybridized seed corn offered vastly improved performance.

When O.C. died in 1966, his sons Donald and Edward continued the business which became known as Powell Seeds.

Ted & Bill Griffith

Ted & Bill Griffith

In 1978, Edward retired from the business but continued to help whenever he could. Donald was joined that year by Edward's son-in-law William Griffith.

Ted and Buckeye Hybrids Sign picture

Ted Griffth

In 1992, they were joined by Edward's grandson, Ted Griffith and continued to operate as Powell Seeds.

The Powells were among several families who began hybrid seed corn production in our county and have the distinction of being the only Hardin County based seed company remaining in business today. Over the past 68 years Powell Seeds has provided quality seed for area farmers and advice about growing the seed. O.C., Edward and Donald were longtime advocates of improved seed varieties and hybrids, every year introducing products with better disease resistance, standability and higher yields. Ted and Bill continue to offer innovative seed products using the latest scientific advancement to increase farm productivity. The Powell brands have evolved over the years from Blue Ribbon and Special Cross to the trusted and high performing Buckeye Hybrids.

Detasseling Crew

Detasseling Crew

In addition to the seed business, until 2005, they fed as many as 300 cattle per year at one time, using their own barns and a feedlot built in the 1960's. They were innovators when they built a silo to hold high moisture ground corn to take advantage of slow corn drying years. They also have offered employment to many Hardin County young people in the summer, detasseling seed corn, harvesting seed corn and baling hay.

New Warehouse & Treatment Building

New Warehouse & Treatment Building

With the turn of the century, changes and modernization came to Powell Seeds. With an increase in business and the increase in demand for bulk seed, a new facility was built in the year 2000 just north of the State Route 309/195 intersection. A bigger "screen/air" cleaner, spiral separator and gravity table were added to the new seed plant. At this facility seed is conditioned and treated into overhead tanks which can load directly into bulk seed wagons/trailers. In addition a small warehouse was added to facilitate the storage and delivery of seed. In 2014 a machinery building and the warehouse were connected with a new structure. The new structure provided a shop/warehouse area in addition to allowing for seed to be stored in the former machinery building.

Old seedhouse

Old Seedhouse

The original seed house on State Route 701 in Ada is still used for the drying, shelling, cleaning and grading of seed corn. After Donald's death in 2009, Bill and Ted Griffith continued to operate and expand Powell Seeds. Today, they produce, process and market "Buckeye Hybrids" seed corn, wheat, oats and soybeans throughout Ohio.